ETHAN is built from start to finish based on your company's needs and requirements.

Tailored for your needs

The carbon emitted by fueling our drone can be fully synthesized by plants.

Carbon Neutral

Using state-of-the-art engines developed & modified in house, ETHAN uses ethanol as a bio-fuel, serving the needs of a carbon-neutral future.


Our drone is built on a modular platform to ensure interoperability and hassle-free modifications to suit your needs.


ETHAN contains a multitude of sensors and cameras on board which aim to collect various data & easily communicate with the modern IoT cloud or custom solutions.

Data Collection

Our Vision

ClearSky is a company focused on developing and better integrating drone technologies into the industry. We power our devices by utilising biofuels produced from biomass. These biomasses, before being turned into fuel, are absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and fixing it into the soil. Therefore, this envisioned lifecycle adheres to the carbon neutrality targets set by the Paris Agreement.


There is a palpable need for a sustainable drone organization that can also satisfy the market’s requirements for mid and long-range flight capabilities. Our vision of having a sustainable platform running on renewable energy will engage other companies looking to promote their sustainability policies. The drone market is still in its early stages but it is estimated to grow constantly over the next few years.

How It Works



We aim to create tailored-made products which suit your needs. Whether you operate in the agricultural, logistic, security or infrastructure field, we provide a way to invest in technologies that help your business grow!



Data is everywhere, and we know how important that data is for decision making, trend analysis and future predictions. ClearSky offers you new ways of interacting with your surroundings while also providing you with a reliable platform for collecting this valuable data.



We love our planet and wish to make it a better place for all of us. By choosing bio-ethanol as our main fuel, we are able to create an innovative product which helps us get one step closer to a carbon-neutral future.


Render of ETHAN


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